About Jesper

Jesper has been working in this field for more than 20 years. Jesper works in different levels. His knowledge varies from meditation and self consciousness, to ancients sauna rituals to trauma therapist. His ideology is based on combining meditation with self-development and strengthening the soul through saunagus, meditations and releasing old traumas.

On a daily basis, Jesper works as a trauma and recollection therapist, treating traumas and incidents from the past which create potential obstructions in the individual’s way to getting the most out of life. The waiting list for trauma consultation is closet at the moment. But if you want to sign up for a waiting list, please send an email to info@jesperwestmark.com.

Jesper has achieved great results with loosening up traumas and blockades in the consciousness of the individual. According to him, a unique tool in working with the traumas is gathering in groups. The energy level rises when people collaborate together, therefore the best way to get help right now, is to sign up for a retreat.