What is meditation

Meditation is a state of calmness, love, and being present. The art of meditating is about maintaining the meditation throughout all of life’s challenges. At my teachings, you will find that we focus a lot on detecting feelings, thoughts or incidents which may make us lose our natural being and presence in the present. When these disturbing elements are seen for what they are, and are reduced or completely removed, we achieve a stronger presence with what surrounds us. This is why we practice meditation in silence by sitting in deep meditation in order to create access to presence and calmness in all of life’s experiences – regardless of what happens. What is essential is not what happens to you, during this lifetime, but rather how you accept the things that happen to you.

Meditation session with Jesper

Meditations session with Jesper Jesper offer meditations which may give you a time-out from an otherwise busy schedule, and provide you with an opportunity to work on your consciousness. All drop-in meditations in Copenhagen and retreats in Sweden are for both beginners and skilled practitioners since meditation does not deal with levels – instead it deals with finding balance based on where you are at in your life at the moment.

We meet and meditate every second monday between 19.00 – 21.00 on a drop in basis. f you want to sign up, please do so at info@jesperwestmark.com We meet at ShantiRoom: Lavendelstræde 5-7 Baghuset 3. sal 1462 København K.

Everything is the way it’s supposed to be right now, and it’s always now!